Connecting talent with scaling companies

Not a consultancy but a home for tech geeks

Trouble finding tech talent?

We own a network of talented professionals from North & South America for different project requirements.


Experience in cloud architecture and pipelines on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and SAP S/4 HANNA


Protect from low to high environments from security breaches, either physical or digital


Creating predictive models, either by machine learning or neural networks


Using modern frontend frameworks as React & Angular and on backend Spring & .NET


Colaborate in Web3 projects for DeFi, HR payouts, smart contracts, and NFTs marketplace

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International talent search

Our first pillar is commitment, we test candidates knowledge and how much they deliver themselves through a series of work refinements.

Housing & training professionals

This is the first company going all the way by offering candidates a place to stay and a study membership to acquire field expertise in cloud, software, AI, blockchain and cybersecurity.

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Talent near

We sponsor our engineers' housing to live close to your office

Flexible payment

We handle legal and accountancy for every member while you relaxe

Direct feedback

Continuous improvement by client communication channel

Tech Community

Finally a tech community that helps you stay on track

We solved a problem for our engineers while they design solutions for our clients. We shot 2 birds with one bullet and it all started by caring for the people that deserves our admiration. Customers are happy and our members share the smile back.

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